Long, Hard Road Out of Hell
Long, Hard Road Out of Hell light bondage stories

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Long, Hard Road Out of Hell

Johnny sighed as he sprawled on the long couch, a black clad arm flung over his eyes.  The last few months had been nearly unbearable and the actor had to make some rather cruel decisions.

After weeks of a certain writer bad mouthing and cussing out Manson, the actor had to put his foot down about it.

It was obviously only distressing the unstable Raven even more and he had given Amanda a rather brutal ultimatum.

Either stop doing it period or find somewhere else to stay until the stricken female was better.  The journalist had been about ready to skin him when Ginger had thankfully intervened.

Luckily it wasn’t too long before the band left with the rocker on tour, the curly haired writer staying behind to help care for the bedridden female upstairs.

The next hard decision had been to start forcing Raven to come downstairs to socialize.  Staying up in the room she had shared with Manson all day for weeks on end wasn’t doing her any good.

The singer had protested at first, even going so far as to throw a tantrum when he had carried her bodily downstairs.

On top of that, Amanda had tried to convince him that what he was doing was just plain cruel.

Finally, the actor had enough; sitting on the couch while holding the pissed, former freelancer in his lap as he leveled the well meaning journalist with a stern look.

“It may seem that way but she will have to learn how to deal with reality at some point.  Besides, isolating herself is the worst thing we can allow her to do.

If left alone, she will have only her own voice to keep her company.

Something I doubt is very good for her,” the star had bit out, very nearly on the edge of setting up the well meaning female with a hotel for a night.

Thankfully she had agreed and it didn’t come to that.

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