Long Forgotten
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Long Forgotten

~ Video - Papieros

Rin slouched over kitchen table, his elbows barely keeping him upwards given how tired he felt. Not to mention the huge headache he had.

Why did he felt so under the weather though you might wonder, when outside a nice autumn sky seemed so delightful?

Well, to answer that question shortly – Rin hated when people outwardly lied to him and then continued to call him crazy and wrong when he was most certainly not wrong. Not in this case anywho.

Sighing mentally Rin clutched a damned item in his hand – it's seemingly scorched and mostly worn out metal mocking him in the setting sun.

The thing was he wasn't as stupid as others thought him to be – he was pretty smart and certainly not oblivious to things.

Well, okay maybe that was a bit far-fetched on his side but you get a gist of it.

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