Long Day, Longer Night
Long Day, Longer Night transformers generation one stories

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A story by kaileeyp adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Long Day, Longer Night

It had been a long day for Soundwave… a very long day. Now that the war was over plans had to be made for the return to Cybertron. As it turns out, this was no easy task.

Before they could even think about setting foot back on their home planet, so many things needed to be sorted and agreed upon. Thus, Optimus and Megatron agreed upon building a council.

They chose their most trustworthy and esteemed mechs and invited them into the hard task of rebuilding an entire civilization.

Of course, Soundwave had been one of Megatron’s first choices. He had the ultimate joy of sitting in a large meeting alongside countless other mechs he was really still just getting to know.

On top of their helms, Optimus and Megatron dropped some of the heaviest questions needed to repair their world after a civil war. Stress had been high the entire day.

There were no easy answers to be given when asked to sort out the legal, political, and social system of a species that had recently crumbed.

So many mecha wanted nothing more than to go back to the old days, when life had been simple. They argued that life on Cybertron should be restored to the same specifications as before.

Of course, all of these mechs were the ones that got to live in gleaming cities, far away from the underlying unrest and poverty that the so called “golden ages” were built upon.

Each time, Soundwave had to grit though his teeth exactly why that wouldn’t work.

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