Lonely Souls
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fanfic by b_kilroy adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Lonely Souls

Furiosa knew she was going to kill Joe. She knew it the second he walked out of the court room with a “not guilty” verdict after a month of deliberation by the jury.

She knew it when she saw the newspaper the next day.

the headline had said. The picture centered on the front page showed the pale white-haired man surrounded by his good old boys, Kalashnikov and the People Eater.

Shit-eating grins on all their faces. One of the jurors came out with a book about the trial, claiming to tout more knowledge about the crime than he truly knew.

Furiosa was close to going to a nearby book signing and throttling him for it, but knew she was too involved in the case to do something like that.

She had known the five women. They were family, sisters in every sense of the word except for blood.

Furiosa couldn't pretend that she was part of that circle, but she and the sisters loved each other despite it.

They had all found comfort in each other, seeking solace from the one thing common in all of their pasts: Joe Moore.

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