Loki hates Daken
Loki hates Daken jealousy stories

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A written piece by jjway adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Loki hates Daken

Loki sighed into his boyfriend’s mouth as he pressed himself closer to Tony. This was more to drown out the sound of Taskmaster making gagging sounds.

Peaking open an eye, Loki saw him pretending to stick his fingers down his throat much to Emma’s amusement.

He rests his forehead against Tony’s as they finally separate, only pulling away to glare at Parker as he mutters “finally”. Loki wished he had better friends sometimes.

Tony doesn’t seem fazed as he smiles, he must be used to it by now, and removes his hands from Loki’s waist.

“I’ll see you in tutor,” he says as he departs to rejoin Avengers who are standing in the archway of the Locker room. Loki didn’t watch him go, he watched Victor stare hatefully at Tony.

Why couldn't they just get along? Loki shook his head and started opening his locker to get his books for the first two periods.

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