living on borrowed time (but we live it so well)
living on borrowed time (but we live it so well) gerard argent stories

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living on borrowed time (but we live it so well)

The creepiest thing about zombies, Stiles decides, is the uncanny way they track those that they were closest to when they were still alive.

Two weeks after Scott let Gerard go and convinced Chris Argent to put him in a nursing home instead of putting him down,

Stiles woke up to his mother’s rotting corpse feasting on his father downstairs.  He barely got out alive after killing – re-killing? – them both.

Under the crush of his bat, the sundress she was buried in was dirty and torn,

her face – once beautiful even as her cheeks turned gaunt and her eyes lost their luster - was lifeless but disturbingly hungry,

and she stunk of death and decay and the faintest traces of her favourite perfume that she insisted on wearing even after she fell sick.

It wasn’t that hard to notice the pattern.  Oh, the zombies go after any living, breathing body they come across.

But they also tend to gravitate toward the people that they once had close ties to.  That’s when Derek fled, faced with the undead majority of the family he indirectly killed once upon a time.

Stiles has no idea whether he’s alive or dead.  He doubts he’ll ever find out.

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