Living on a Prayer
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Living on a Prayer

Vince was laying in to E once again with Turtle, Johnny, Ari and Shauna all at the kitchen table.

'You're ruining my career E!' Vince said.

E was a lot more pale then normal and growing paler each second the argument passed. 'I'm ruining your career?! I'm working my ass off to build it!'

'Oh really?! Well--' Vince was about to dig in to him when Turtle stood up.

'Vince enough! He's killing himself trying to better your career. Can't you see that?!'

'Turtle dont, you promised!' Eric shook his head at same time that Vince went to continue his rant.

Vince stopped mid rant as the words registered, 'Wait promised what?'

'Turtle please!' Eric begged Turtle giving his best puppy dog eyes.

'No, you know what Eric?! I did promise but I crossed my fingers and you're not living up to your end of the deal.'

'Eric??' All voices rang out in shock. Turtle never called E eric that was usually reserved for Ari.

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