living in the empire
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A short story by nefertiti adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

living in the empire

Cesare doesn’t know how he finds himself in his ex-girlfriend’s loft, sitting opposite her in one of her many comfortable, well-used armchairs; but he needs someone to

talk to and aside from Micheletto, she’s just about the only one who wouldn’t pester him into “opening up” and talking about his

Feelings he has for his sister.

His Lucrezia.

Feelings he shouldn’t really have at all.

He and Charlotte were together for a brief spell in college.

They broke up before graduation, but they remained good friends; so while Charlotte doesn’t know everything about his relationship with his sister, she knows enough and he suspects,

she's guessed at the rest.

He and Lucrezia had always been careful, but never careful enough.

Cesare was twenty-two the first time his sister crawls into his bed and makes him hers forever. That however, isn’t where it starts.

He thinks he was hers from the moment she was born. The moment he looked at her little face and decided he loved her more than he could ever love another single person.

He loves her far too much and cares far too little about the consequences of anything really; so long as it makes her happy.

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