Living in Peace, Preparing for War
Living in Peace, Preparing for War evil dumbledore stories

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Living in Peace, Preparing for War

As Hagrid left his office after reporting on trip to give Harry Potter his Hogwarts letter and help him buy his school supplies,

Headmaster Dumbledore resisted the urge to rub his hands together and cackle in glee.

While he certainly felt he had every right to gloat over the next milestone in his decade’s long plan for the Wizarding world, he knew that such actions would not fit the ‘barmy, twinkling-eyed,

benevolent headmaster’ persona he had worked so hard to create. And even in the sanctity of his office, he could not be too careful, as he was never truly alone here.

The portraits obeyed him to a point as headmaster, but their true loyalty was to the school and not any one person.

He could not afford for any of them (particularly that bloody Slytherin Black) to get suspicious now.

But events were finally moving again! Yesterday, Harry Potter formally replied that he would be starting at Howarts as a first year come September first.

Today, Hagrid had taken Harry around the Alley and helped him get his school supplies.

Hagrid’s just related sniffling tale of escorting Harry around Diagon Alley to get his school things clearly showed that Harry had no idea of his true place in wizarding society or

the heritage he stood to inherit when he reached his majority.

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