Livin' La Vida Loca
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Livin' La Vida Loca

Livin La Vida Loca

Chapter 1

She sat at the dressing table backstage applying makeup with careful attention. It was her last dance at the club, so she wanted to look her best. Only way to make the best money.

Her name was Angelica, but everyone here knew her as only Angel, and that was the way she preferred it. She liked the fact that these men who came here didn't know the real Angelica.

She danced for dollars, even did private dances out side of the club for those who could afford it, but she never had sex with any of them.

She knew girls who did, but none of them had ever caught her interest as far as that went. She usually just danced for them, got her money, and made her exit.

She brushed her shoulder length dark brown hair and shook a little glitter in it. It brought out the auburn highlights in it quite nicely, she thought.

Then she put on her costume over her g-string. Girls here had the choice of whether to strip down completely or not, and usually she didn't.

Better to leave a little something to the imagination. Tonight, her outfit consisted of a lacy black and red gypsy dress that came off with a pull here and tug there and black spiked stilettos.

Her almond shaped dark brown eyes shined with anticipation and her cherry red lips were curved in a grin. She did truly love dancing.

Loved turning those men on and appearing to them, to desire them. It was all acting of course. There were few and far between that really caught her eye, but she never pursued them.

In this type of work, having a boyfriend meant jealousy on his part and she wanted no part of that. She also dashed some glitter over her arms and legs to show off her golden tanned skin.

Then, she heard her entrance...time to dance. She made her way to the stage and began her set by dancing seductively to the song, her hips swaying.

Out in the crowd of horny men, she spied a few that were regulars at the club. Out she swayed onto the cat walk and slowly, ever so slowly, removed her dress, much to their delight.

Her boss always said she was one of his best dancers and he hated to lose her. She eyed them and teased them, licking her lips and tossing her hair. Then... he caught her eye.

She'd never seen him before and it almost made her stop in mid dance just to stare. He seemed to see this and tossed a smirk her way.

He was dressed in black from his partially open shirt all the way down to his tight black jeans and boots. Sunglasses hid his eyes. His hair was dark and he had a gorgeous tan.

She continued to look right at him as she danced, tossing every heated glance his way. He was easily the sexiest man she'd ever seen.

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