Lives Flipped Upside Down
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A story by afteriwake adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Lives Flipped Upside Down

He got out of the cab and looked at the very long driveway. He had vowed never to come back here, after the reception he had gotten last time.

But he needed Kelly's help, and Kelly couldn't come to London at the moment so he had to go to her.

He was doing this alone because John had other business to attend to with a patient who needed to be hospitalized.

It was a fairly serious case, and he had said that as much as he would love to see his sister he just couldn't leave. He could handle the girls without John, he thought to himself.

Or at least he hoped he could.

He took a deep breath and began walking towards St. Trinian's, keeping an eye out for the First Year girl he knew would be near the beginning of the driveway.

Kelly had said it was safe for him, but he was fairly sure not all the girls had forgiven him for what he had planned on doing the last time he was here. He spotted her a few yards in.

It was a different girl than last time, he thought. He cleared his throat and she lowered her binoculars. “What's your business here?” she asked.

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