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A fan work by szczepter adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

live with me forever now

In the end, Kuroko thought, it wasn't about the strength or brightness or even about the intensity.

Or rather it wasn't only about those things.

The light needed to be strong, bright and absolutely brilliant. The shadow only then could benefit from it.

If the light is too dim or not strong enough or not brilliant enough the shadow would become too dark and too prominent.

He would then engulf the light and swallow it in a pit of darkness and then there would be neither because there is no shadow without the light to illuminate the way.

But if the light becomes too bright, too brilliant, so brilliant that it would be impossible to look, to see, to

even when such brilliance shone upon you. You could almost feel losing yourself in it. But when the light becomes too strong it hurts.

It hurts so much to look at it; you have to avert or close your eyes and sometimes even, maybe let it go. It can become so strong it is not a 'light' anymore.

It swallows the shadow, it becomes all and nothing at once.

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