Live To Fight Another Day
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A fiction by raethewriter adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Live To Fight Another Day

“There it is. Ramatesh.” General Skywalker angled the civilian ship so they could get a better view.

Rex kept a hand on the overhead grip and looked down at what seemed like no more than an expansive pile of dark green rubble that had dislodged itself from the adjacent mountain.

Of course, he didn’t say so—not with General Rancisis sitting right next to him. His thick tail was right next to Rex’s foot.

General Rancisis blew a long sigh through his thick white beard. “It is good to come home, but a place once left is never exactly the same.

I wonder how things may have changed since last I was here.”

“Let’s get a closer look,” General Skywalker suggested, and they dove as smoothly as this old fixer-upper of a shuttle could manage.

As the city came into focus, Rex got a better impression of its size and organization.

It looked much more like the ancient and regal capital it was, full of lichen-covered arches that led into vast tunnels and inclines designed by a legless species.

He caught glimpses of metallic colors among the aged stone, modern and mainstream technology glinting up from below in the dim light of Thisspias’ star.

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