"Little Sunshine's Big Baby Emporium"
"Little Sunshine's Big Baby Emporium" mention of niall horan stories

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A short story by star_less adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

"Little Sunshine's Big Baby Emporium"

"Ssh, G.." Jaymi Hensley's voice croaked out almost silent as he pushed himself up against their sewing class door.

"But Jay." George moaned, tears clinging to his feathery eyelashes. "M'sick."

"I know babe.. I know." Jaymi sighed, pulling George in close to him. His mouth twitched hesitantly but slowly came to rest on George's pink, fever filled cheeks.

He could feel the heat radiating from them and winced. "That silly nurse, huh?"

"Why wasn't she there?" George hiccuped, his stomach churning. He rubbed his tender belly worriedly, biting his lip.

His free hand gripped Jaymi's black school pullover suddenly, and his eyes widened as the churning rose and crashed in waves.

"Don't know, babe. What's wrong?" Jaymi gasped as George made this movement, his tiny body as tense as anything as he curved up against the older lad.

"Need to go." George said. The redness on his cheeks pooled together even brighter, and whines tugged themselves from his lips.

He pulled himself from Jaymi's grip, bouncing awkwardly, leaning against the table.

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