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A short story by wilfora adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Little spider

Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, was way too young to be living on the streets. SHIELD did know, his team didn’t know, the Avenger’s didn’t know, and even his friends didn’t know.

All things considered, Bruce wasn’t sure Peter’s boyfriend knew.

But Bruce, Bruce knows. Good grief, when was Wilson supposed to be back from that mission to Africa? It looked like the boy hadn’t eaten since the mutate had left.

And how Bruce of all people find out that Peter lived on the streets?

Well, to start, it had been the news, much to his horror. Spidey had been fighting Venom and Goblin at the same time again. Of course, Jameson was broadcasting the “menace’s” fight.

The fight was becoming ugly quickly as Bruce used JARVIS to call Phil.

“Spiderman needs help downtown,” the scientists says as he watches Venom slowly make his way behind the red-and-blue spider.

“I’m aware, but the kids are in a training exercise.”

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