Little Kisses
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Little Kisses

Sera pauses when she sees the young woman before her; a human plainer than bread, and smaller than Sera.

Actually, as Sera's eyes wander up and down on the woman's body, everything about the human is small; short hair, small nose, small tattoo, and tiny scars.

Even a little smile that nervously blossoms onto the woman's face. The smile quickly melts away when Sera comments on how plain the young woman looks.

The woman's party doesn't look too please at that. The older woman with a sword and shield, and sharp jaw, took a step forward with a threatening pose.

The dwarf with his crossbow frowned heavily with a shake of his head. Even the bald elf man took a step forward staying close to the young woman as if to comfort, and protect her.

However the tense air was easily broken by the young woman's snorting laughter.

"I guess I'm pretty boring to look at, I have cousins who always told me I would never get a man with the way I look. Thank the Maker I don't like men in that way," the young woman said.

"So, who are you?"

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