Little Kids
Little Kids dr. monty stories

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A written piece by oblivion_devotee adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Little Kids

Eddie knew that they were coming. His older self promised to bring them home to Dr. Maxis and Dr. Monty sometime soon. But Eddie couldn't help but be nervous.

His palms were sweaty as he rubbed them together. He glanced at Samantha, and she saw that he was anxious. Sam looked so calm though, as if she has done this so many times.

The poor girl probably has, considering what she's been through. Eddie and Samantha waited in front of the teleporter with Monty and Maxis.

Eddie wiped the sweat pouring down his forehead with his pajama sleeve. "Eddie, you don't have to be so nervous." Samantha watched him with a close eye. Eddie glanced at her. "Oh, yeah… sorry.

" he replied.

He jumped when he suddenly heard the loud sirens and Monty say, "Well, here they come." Eddie watched as bright blue strikes of lighting hit the teleporter.

He remembered it just like when his older version came to discuss the "big" plan with Maxis to save them all. He saw three shadows appear in the gray misty as it reached his feet.

The first one to walk out had short brown hair that was slicked back. He looked at Eddie and jumped off. "Hello Dempsey." Monty greeted him.

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