Little Grubs and Overprotective Kids
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Little Grubs and Overprotective Kids

Your name is Rose Lalonde and you work at a No Kill Troll Adoption Center.

The center was named Sgrub and was run by a very odd young man named Hussie who would dress up as a troll and had a serious obsession with horses.

You thought this was a little ridiculous and often tried to psychoanalyze him but it never gets you very far.

Your co-workers are also very strange, a blue eyed boy named John, a green eyed girl named Jade and a ironic boy with sunglasses named Dave.

You and all your co-workers are eighteen and today is a very special day.

Today is the day that the troll eggs that your center’s mother grub laid will hatch. There is a large chance that the twenty four eggs she laid will give rise to some very rare blood classes.

This makes you rather happy as you have always wanted to have a jade blooded troll.

Your job at the center is to help your center's jade blood, Dolorosa, care for the mother grub and the newborn troll grubs. So you have always respected and valued the rare blood caste.

You are extremely worried because the mother grub should produce more than just twenty four eggs.

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