Little Drop of Poison
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Little Drop of Poison

It was

, they all felt that, but everyone had different reasons for

But the crux of the problem was that they had a Wraith in their prison, and nobody really knew what to do with him.

had returned home to Earth, and Todd had been placed in stasis because nobody was willing to find the Wraith food.

Now, however, was a different problem entirely. Months later,

was to return to the Pegasus Galaxy, and that meant returning to the Wraith.

The problems facing Todd would no longer exist, and that meant they had to reevaluate what they'd do with the slumbering Wraith.

Todd still had connections to the Wraith, and some authority. If they ever had any hope of inoculating the Wraith and changing their diet . . .

unfortunately, their best chances probably lay with Todd. Even if Todd was untrustworthy.

Which had brought them all to Richard Woolsey's office, each determined to argue their case about the Wraith in question.

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