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a few thoughts put into words

little days, little lives

I often worry about tomorrow What will happen, what I will do So I console myself by saying “It’s just one little day, it can’t possible ruin your life”

But. It can

On any given day You could say one false word Commit one false action And end so much

A relationship, a friendship, and acquaintance, Gone So fast, so easily, you can lose everything

Because of this I am an introvert Do you not follow?

Well I am afraid Afraid to speak the wrong phrase or do the wrong thing Afraid of breaking something as precious as a relationship Because it is so easy to do

So I am silent Without speaking, without doing, I go through the days, keeping the fragile balance of friendships and doing only what is necessary to live

Instead of a doer, I am a seer I see it all And this is how I know I stand on the sidelines, watching, as other people’s “little days”

Ruin their lives.

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