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Little Alpha

After having been in the industry for so many years it was a really rookie mistake that had him get caught.

The Novak family were the ones who ran this town, they were suspected and wanted for a lot of murders, drug dealing and a few minor crimes however they weren't all bad.

The only people they took out were bad guys and their competition in the drug market as well as their rival gangs.

Lately though there had been an internal fight within the family and they had split up in two,

the side Michael controlled where they made sure no civilians got hurt and went out of the way not to get them involved and then there was the side Lucifer controlled,

where they didn't care about casualties and craved the chaos. They didn't have the same sense or morals as Michael and his followers had, hence the split up.

So Castiel, who was on the good side of the family had been staking out one of Luci's new territories and gotten caught for tresspassing,

having been so focused on his work that he had forgotten to take his suppressants and scent blockers which was why he had been caught and was currently being held in a cell.

It made him slightly irritated that his cover as an Alpha had been blown and that he was stuck behind bars and having to listen to the knotheads making cat calls and lewd comments from

the holding cell across from his.

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