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fan work by berrirose posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


“Where am I?”


Natsuki’s reply rings in the newcomer’s ears with a nauseating echo and basks in the nonplussed silence that promptly follows.

The cherry-haired teen merely gawks at the other, short-circuiting breaths attempting to piece together some sort of reply.

The bespectacled demon sighs, as he normally did within the familiar silence.

It was expected, however – some people take hours to recover from the heart-wrenching shock that is discovering their place for the rest of … well,

. Recalling some of his previous encounters, Natsuki shakes his head, slowly turning back to his latest case – and is greeted by possibly the most grotesque expression he’s ever seen.

“W-Wait, this must be s-some sort of mistake.” The sentence chokes out of him in a way that reminded Natsuki of the friction between metal forks and porcelain plates.

“I h-haven’t done anything wrong!”

Natsuki sighs once again, he’s heard that plea enough for it to lose all of its intended persuasion – not like it had much effect on him in the first place.

With heaving exhale that escapes through his nostrils,

Natsuki’s digits meander up to the curve of his face and wrap around the thick arm of his eyeglasses before slowly – albeit almost hesitantly – peeling them off.

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