Lion Prince.
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A work by thousandsmiles adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Lion Prince.

How do you pick up from where you never started off? All I've ever had were stories. Not even memories. And for him, not even those.

And yet somehow I feel as if we're inexorably tied together with the strings of fate. Yes, we were connected in one way but that didn't matter if the heart didn't care.

But I feel somehow that wherever he is, he does care. Even if he has never known me. I know I do. But fate can be a bitch sometimes.

Master B. said that fate chooses what is meant for each of our paths and it is not our part to complain but to walk the path laid out for us. Fate never does anything without care.

“There are lessons to be learned laddie, from each step of the way, even if you do not know it. Leave Fate up to her devices and get on with your own.”

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