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A fan work by talexforkeeps adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


It has been two weeks since their last game against Costa Rica which they won and once again bagged the title CONCACAF Champions.

They were granted their much needed break but it has come to an end and they’ve got to work their butts off for the game against China PR the following weeks for Brasilia.

It didn’t really bother Tobin how quick the break lasted unlike most of her teammates who were totally bummed.

To be honest, she was even glad that it ended quick because she would rather spend time with her teammates at camp rather than couch hopping... again.

She dreaded it but apparently that’s what she did.

For the first two days she stayed with Kelley in SoCal surfing together and for the last 3 days she pretty much spent it in her sister Perry’s apartment in Brooklyn.

So that was it for her, so much for a break.

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