Limbo Interludes
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Limbo Interludes

Asked Logan as he slashed at Illyana with the claws from his right hand.

They were in the danger room at the relocated Jean Grey School, current zip code 66666 (Limbo).

Illyana jerked her head back to avoid the claws, then swung her sword in a half circle causing Logan to back off.

An hour ago they had been watching the Hulk trial of Hawkeye on TV (Civil War II, issue 3).

Logan pinned Illyana's sword with both sets of claws and kicked. Illyana vanished in a teleportation disk and Logan instead received a kick to the small of his back.

Was his comment as he rolled with the kick and came up facing her. He recalled various foes vanishing into those disks never to be seen again, best always to keep that in mind.

Illyana just had a devil may care grin as she attacked.

Flaming pain in my ass was Logan's thought as he blocked. Since when did I become the stable one? Girl is right nasty and one of Storm's go to people for close combat.

Swear she likes a fight more then I do and kills with no hesitation at all.

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