Lilo's Magical Mission
Lilo's Magical Mission david kawena stories

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short story by erinprimette adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Lilo's Magical Mission

For Experiment 626, the lab seemed too quiet, and that made him uncomfortable. He knew that Jumba would be starting some test runs soon, so 626 lay on his back in his glass cell.

His ears were perked up in case someone came into the room. During that time, he began to think over what possible tasks he would have to complete.

626 snapped out of his thoughts when he heard the sliding door opened. He sat up just as Jumba stepped in.

"I'm ready for the testing, 626," announced Jumba.

626 raised his eyebrows in anticipation as Jumba pressed on the panel, opening the glass cell.

The scientist reached in and pulled the experiment out of the cell, carrying him out of the cell room and down the corridor.

626 kept his head perked up, hoping that if he did well with the tests, Jumba would see him as his son.

After all, Jumba did create him, didn't he? It wasn't long before Jumba opened the door to the training room and stepped inside.

The scientist set 626 onto the ground and ambled over to the door to the control room, staring through the window. He leaned his head closer to the microphone.

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