Lilies and Orchids
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Lilies and Orchids


Eyebrows shot up underneath the cowl. Not because Superman had used his real name on the JL transmitter. Not because he could hear sultry music in the background.

And certainly not because Superman sounded… well, intoxicated. Maybe it was the detective in him, scrutinizing even the smallest details. But could the Son of Krypton even


No, Bruce Wayne was surprised because of the way Superman sounded- a little giddy, and a little Something was not right.

“Hello? Brucie, baby? I know you heard me,” came the voice again, this time deep and low, unlike Bruce had ever heard him use. Batman grunted in reply, and checked the connection settings.

At least Superman wasn’t drunk enough to forget to turn to a private channel. If he were drunk, that is. This could be a spell.

Or the influence of something else; probably one of the different colored stones from outer space that Superman always,

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