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like stars through the soul

Lady Maz's grounds are so enormous that, if Rey runs far enough, she can almost imagine that these green swards were always her home.

She can find turf so deep and mossy that she sinks nearly to her ankles; she can watch silver trout skimming through the stream with a splash and a ripple; she can watch

the clouds form towers by day and the winking stars arrange their constellations by night. She can do all this and call it home, and someday, she promises herself, she will believe it.

The truth is that Rey has lived four years in England as the ward of Lady Maz.

No one ever mistakes her for a daughter; Lady Maz is short and broad-faced with kind, wide-set eyes, dressing more simply than the latest London fashions dictate.

Rey dresses simply, too, but she is slender and tall, and if the charming Monsieur-turned-Mr.

Dameron's accounts have any truth, the young gentlemen of the neighborhood are beginning to take notice.

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