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Like Forces

It was a normal day at the office for Seto Kaiba so far. The 28 year old was as busy as a young CEO of a huge multinational company would be.

It was almost lunch time and with the morning having been filled with back to back meetings, he was looking forward to the break.

As was the daily routine, Mokuba, Kaiba's younger brother and vice president of Kaiba Corp, entered through the heavy wooden doors into his office.

"Hey bro. You ready?" Mokuba asked.

"Yeah." He picked up his coat and left the office.

Mokuba and Kaiba stepped out into the glorious sunshine that bathed Domino City.

They stepped off the curb just as Roland, Kaiba's driver, got into their town car to take the two brothers to their usual lunch spot.

Just then a black panel van caught Kaiba's attention.

It swerved around the corner with screeching tyres and he could clearly see through the front windscreen that there was a scuffle taking place in the van.

The van swerved this way and that, the driver trying to maintain control despite the chaos ensuing inside.

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