Like a Small Boat
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A story by compo67 adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Like a Small Boat

The floor in the condo has seen its fair share of bare feet.

Sock feet, wet feet, sandy feet, muddy feet, tired feet, happy feet, and sometimes, sad feet—every kind of feet.

But these new feet?

They hardly stay on the ground for more than ten minutes at a time. The floor doesn’t understand them. How do they get anything done? They don’t. How do they get anywhere? They don’t.

How do they know which floorboards squeak and which ones groan? They don’t. At least, not yet.

Most of what this floor has seen of its new owners are strange body parts, limbs it never witnessed so much with its previous owners.

The floor catches glimpses of the two pairs of feet from time to time, but this is often from the third floor in the master bedroom, from the edge of a giant, cloudlike bed.

Even then, the feet that stick out are either constantly moving or still as mud—never anything in between.

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