Like a House on Fire
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Like a House on Fire

To Leia’s admittedly untrained eye, the black haired boy standing in front of her at the bazaar shone with the Light of the Force.

He carried his weight with the grace of a professional dancer, or maybe a professional smuggler, and the longer she talked the tenser he got.

“Not that I don’t want to help you,” Ranma said cautiously, “but I also kinda don’t want to unleash Master Happosai on you unprepared. Are ya sure you want to find him?”

It had taken Princess Leia a long time to get even that much out of one of the natives. The Takahashi System seemed to breed intelligent life of a highly excitable variety.

It also bred for intelligent life that was very, very strong in the Force – so strong that the Empire had preferred to pretend that it didn’t exist.

The Emperor’s only nod to their nominal inclusion in the Empire was occasionally sending politicians who’d blundered badly as tax collectors, who were often never seen again.

Rumor had it that the one time the Emperor visited in person, a half-trained half-blind apprentice had knocked him out with a

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