Lightning Bolt
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Lightning Bolt

“Adam, it's time. They're ready now.”

Hamish walks up to Adam lounging in his chair, gazing down at the city below. He rests a hand on Adam’s shoulder, breaking him out of his meditation.

“Good, good. Fetch my gloves and accompany me down to the basement,” Adam says, rising out of his chair.

“As you wish, sir.”

Hamish bows with a flourish and retrieves a locked wooden box from the shelf. He sets it down on the bench and unlocks it, lifting out the slippery, silvery gloves and offers them to Adam.

Adam smirks as he slips them on effortlessly, finishing his outfit as he prepares to interrogate his prisoners.

He clenches his fist and watches the glove material spark with lightning blue light. “Take me to them, Hamish,” he says.

Hamish bows again and leads the way, taking a lantern from the wall as he leads his master down the corridors towards the basement.

Hamish leads him through the large doors guarded by loyal mindbots, which were humanoid in appearance only,

ordered to kill on sight anyone without Adam's special microchip implanted in their wrist. Hamish opens the door to the room where the first is waiting.

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