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Life with Marie

Petrified, glued to the easy chair where her new husband had set her after he carried her into the honeymoon suite, Marie found her thoughts wandering. She appreciated the distraction.

She’d once told David Walter that her mother hadn’t raised her to be “that kind of girl.” The fact was, her mother hadn’t had the chance to raise her at all.

She’d been raised by her sister Louise, ten years her senior, after their father died. And for a brief time, when she was away from her sister’s guidance, Marie

been that kind of girl.

She’d gone to college to become a schoolteacher. There was a war on, and she met her share of soldiers on their way to be part of it.

But it was one flyer, a boy named Will, that made her heart throb. She had been in love, and had seen no reason to hold anything back. They were going to be together forever.

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