Life, The Lady Bug, and Everything (Else)
Life, The Lady Bug, and Everything (Else) kudou himiko stories

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Life, The Lady Bug, and Everything (Else)

1. Air

Choking smoke or no, the deep breath he takes as Ban strolls out of that burning hulk of a building is the sweetest air Ginji has ever tasted.

2. Apples

Ban’s always hated apples- think Snow White and Adam and Eve and everything that’s gone wrong over the years and you know why- but Ginji offers it to him again, so he eats it anyway.

3. Beginning

As Ban watches the first licks of electricity arc off the blond bombshell in front of him, all he can think is, “Hot damn.”

4. Bugs

“Parking under all that garbage was probably a bad idea, Ban-chan,” Ginji remarks mildly as he slaps at another fly.

5. Coffee

Ban takes his coffee hot, black, and strong; but, pulling away from Ban’s lips, Ginji finds he prefers his secondhand.

6. Dark

Ginji sends Ban his darkest glare and Ban can’t help but laugh.

7. Despair

At times like this, faced with a bar full of angry drunks, Ban despairs of Ginji’s inability to look threatening outside of a job.

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