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Life long story

Sochi 2014

They knew when they saw their scores on the board that they would be second even though Meryl and Charlie was yet to skate. “It’s ok kiddo.

We knew that this would probably happen, we did all we could.“ Scott said and pressed gently his lips to Tessa’s forehead.

Tessa squeezed herself closer to Scott trying to hide her sob from the others. “But we did our best.” Tessa sobbed. “I know.” Scott muttered and held his girl tight.

In back the round Kaitlyn looked her friends. She wished there would be something she could do, but she knew it was like her and Andrew, there was a time when only her partner could help.

She also knew that she needed a place to sleep the next night because Scott would not leave Tessa after day like this. Kaitlyn walked to closer them and her eyes met Scott’s.

“I’ll sleep with Meagan this night.” She said quietly. Scott tried to smile and nodded. He would thank Kaitlyn later.

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