Life Just Happens
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Life Just Happens

One report down, only another ten to go Ronnie thought as he grabbed another file from the pile. Angie walked past, suddenly another small pile now added to the ever growing stack.

“Come on Ang luv…I wanna at least get out of ‘ere by the weekend.”

“Sorry Ronnie…Guv’s orders.” She smiled in sympathy.

Matt walked through the door as Ronnie leaned back in his chair, his glasses sitting on their usual spot on his forehead.

“We got a case.” Was all Matt said, grabbing his tie from his top drawer.

“You’re havin’ me on Mattie.”

“Sorry Ron…”

“What we got?”

“The body of a teenage girl was found, wrapped in some old carpet and dumped at the Riverside Garbage site.”

“How old?”

“Not sure yet, S.O.C.O are still down there, when she can…Joy will let us know when she’s carried out the post mortem and get back to us.

She said she’ll have something for us tomorrow morning…in the mean time, she said we can’t do much.

The guys who found her are in the interview room so we can take their statements, the rest we’ll have to leave til the morning.”

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