Life is Never Gentle.
Life is Never Gentle. tony stark stories

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Life is Never Gentle.


Tony could practically

the cameras watching him.

Pepper had been a superstar beyond all words and a heartless tyrant at the same time. She had sworn not to tell a soul and whilst staying true to her word

– as Tony always knew she would – it had been on the proviso that whatever had been going on between the genius and Norse God stopped.




Tony hadn’t argued with her.

After all, what was there to stop? Casual sex between two people who otherwise couldn’t stand each other, not really much to lose, was there?

Pepper knew him too well. Far too well. To the extent that she didn’t trust his word on this matter in the least. Loki had become a drug, slipping in under

his skin and making him desperate for the next hit. He couldn’t stand the guy, and yet missed him already. It was endlessly frustrating to not have another

person around who could keep up with both his frustratingly quick mind, but also his glib, sarcastic view on life. Bruce was a good person to bounce ideas

off of, but pestering him with banter was a seriously bad idea.

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