Life is better with kittens
Life is better with kittens recovery stories

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Life is better with kittens


There are kittens.

There are kittens everywhere.

This is awesome!

Bucky and Steve are at the animal shelter to pick a kitten, a kitten that will be theirs forever. A nice fluffy kitten.

Bucky’s therapist has recommended it for him as a way to continue to make progress on touch. Right now he can touch Steve and Becca, and that’s about it.

Everyone else makes him jump three feet in the air if they come within a foot of him.

But kittens, he can touch kittens. He has talked to his therapist several times about the day the animal shelter brought kittens to the hospital.

It was before he knew Steve well enough to be able to touch him. But Steve had been the one that encouraged him to enter the pen with the kittens.

Bucky was a bit scared of those kittens, but he really wanted to touch one. He had seen one that was sleeping and decided it was docile enough to try touching.

When he did, it was the softest and fluffiest thing he thinks he had ever touched in his life.

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