Life In the Fast Lane
Life In the Fast Lane too much slow burn stories

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Life In the Fast Lane

Seanagh sighed, pacing up and down her hotel room for the tenth time this morning.

The nerves were kicking in now; last night when she arrived at the hotel she was filled with excitement but now she was filled with dread.

She stopped pacing and sat down on the bed and breathed deeply, she needed to calm down.

After a few short minutes her phone rang, groaning at the sound of her ringtone Seanagh picked up the phone from the bedside table and answered it.

“Hello” She tried to sound like she wasn’t in the middle of a nervous breakdown.

“Hey sorry I’m late calling, I had a few too many last night” Seanagh shook her head disapprovingly,

“Raven if I come back and find that flat trashed then...”

“Relax; it was just me and your mum. We were celebrating” Raven chuckled; Seanagh was in no mood for this.

“Fine, just don’t trash the place. I have enough on my plate as it is. When I get back I will want to come home to a

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