Life in Glass Houses
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A story by blueskyscribe adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Life in Glass Houses

Traveling's the fun

Flashing by the countryside

Making you think merrily, merrily

What can go wrong?

Rolling along!

- Merrily We Roll Along, Stephen Sondheim

Bumblebee was

sulking, thank you very much. He was not sulking at

He hoisted his metal eyeridges into an exaggerated, cheery position to prove it. He didn’t snap at Bulkhead when he stepped on his foot.

He even forced himself to hum a little electronic ditty as he ran through a routine check of his systems. He was an

, after all.

Just because no one CARED that Raf and Bumblebee had been planning a picnic today, just because Ratchet insisted he needed Raf to check the programming on the new security system instead,

just because the chicken salad would probably go bad and poison Raf

, that didn’t mean Bumblebee was going to pout.

For one thing, he didn’t have the lips for it.

Still, the yellow ‘bot had to stifle an electronic grumble as he watched Bulkhead and Miko duking it out in the latest fighting game. No one ever asked

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