Life Happens
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Life Happens

Tony had been stuck in meetings all morning.

Why in Gods name did he have to go to all of these meetings? Last time he checked Pepper Potts was the damn CEO but apparently he had to be here for this shit.

"Tony will you cheer up a bit? You're making my mood darken." Pepper whispered to him in a quiet but harsh tone as they walked down the corridor.

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't realise you had any moods other than working." Tony muttered before plastering on his signature smile and turning to face her. Bad move.

"Tony get your head out of your ass. We need you in these meetings. We are riding on a PR high right now from the battle of New York. People love you and we can use that.

Stop moping around and do some God damn work."

"You're the CEO surely I'm not needed. Plus there was the whole you know Ultron and killer robot army, destroyed city. Pretty damn sure stocks took a hit after that plus Pietro is in a coma...

" He was rambling and he knew it but he couldn't help it. He majorly fucked up and he was paying for it.

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