Life Goes On
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Life Goes On

It’s been so long since he could talk to her.

Church made jokes about hating her cocky attitude,

her amazing ability to just go and ‘hang out’ with other guys (which he found out -was- just hanging out; she let him think what he thought because she thought it was funny),

and her tendency to punch him in the face (which he would never admit out loud, but it was usually deserved). But in all honesty, he missed talking to her.

He missed the disagreements, the bickering about where to eat, the arguments about cleaning the place.

He also missed the nice times: the resting on the couch together, the falling asleep in her arms (he would never admit to anyone that it wasn’t the other way around),

the pleasant moments as they came.

Maybe it hadn’t actually been that long, in the grand scheme of things, but six years felt like a long time.

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