Life After: The Toss
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Life After: The Toss

As Mac watches the JAG coin tossed up by Lt. Com. Bud J. Roberts, Jr, her only thought was, “No matter if it’s heads or tails, WE still win; because we’ll…finally…be together.”

The coin is now on its downward journey. Harm’s thought, at this second are only on the woman to his left.

How on Earth did we let it get THIS far? He hadn’t ever thought that this was how he and Sarah would decide the rest of their lives together.

Sure, he was the one who suggested that “fate can keep us together”. Now that this moment was here, he could only sit, watch, and wait for the inevitable to happen.

Who was going to their next duty assignment and who would be resigning their commission or applying for early retirement?

Bud catches the coin and flips it over onto his left hand.

Petty Officer First Class Jennifer Coates, Lt. Harriet Sims-Roberts, Commander Sturgis Turner, and the General all wait with baited breath.

Harm and Mac can only watch and wait as Bud lifts his right hand off the coin to reveal…..

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