lies a bitter heart
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lies a bitter heart

For you, the world ends a couple months before it does for everyone else.

When the dead rose from their graves, when they began wandering about and tearing people apart,

when the army never came and it fell to civilians to protect their homes- that was what people thought of, these days, when they remember the end of the world.

Honestly, when all that shite happened, you were more like,

(you cried, actually, when you realized what was happening, barricaded in your living room with your parents, watching the news, when some high up, important government man was saying

, you curled up into your mum and cried because

But then you sat up and thought, okay. Zombies. Okay.)

Your world had ended months before.

The oldest memory you have of them is this- hiding behind a chair, trying to be quiet. Your mum is folding laundry at the table, and you can see Rick's toes from his own hiding spot.

You are four, and the three of you are playing hide and seek; Kieren is trying to find you.

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