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A short story by yeppi adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...



He definitely smelled bacon.

Koujaku pivoted his body atop his elbow in an attempt to roll over, throwing himself against the bed with an exasperated sigh.

When did it become this hard to get out of bed? Aoba must be rubbing off on him. The thought forced his eyes open, however slow that process was.

In his half-asleep stupor, he came to the conclusion that his lover was no longer curled up next to him.

Aoba… woke up before him? No way.

Reaching up to wipe the sleep from his eyes, Koujaku slowly sat up. The blanket slid around his waist, exposing his bare chest to the elements.

It was drafty, a cool breeze flowing in through the open window. Aoba must have opened that after waking up.

They never sleep with the window open, Aoba’s been paranoid of burglars ever since the kidnapping incident with Tae-san.

He may forget to lock the door on occasion, but the thought of someone catapulting themselves from the balcony and into the room they were sleeping in was a bit too much to ignore.

Despite the soft breeze coming through the open window, a familiar scent wafted through the air, derailing Koujaku’s train of thought.

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