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Major Jack Benjamin, Prince of Gilboa, had been forced to endure this hell for too long now. He’d been imprisoned by his father for trying to do better for his country.

Sure, he’d made the wrong moves, listened to the wrong people and followed the wrong motivations by trying to steal the crown.

He knew he should be dead, sometimes even wished for the relief of it. He was now trapped in a luxury suite with someone he could hardly stand to look at, let alone create an heir with.

It wasn’t her fault, he’d chosen her in one of those moments of desire for something he knew deep down he’d never obtain. No, not the crown, but the love of his father.

No, it wasn’t Lucinda Wolfsen’s fault they were here initially, but he was starting to suspect that the extended pain of this imprisonment was likely her fault.

Eventually he’d performed admirably in consummating their relationship, even after he pushed past the pain of Thomasina’s words as she locked them in this hell.

Yet, this virile woman had yet to conceive the coveted heir? Months had passed and she played the doting ‘wife’ role, but he wasn’t having any of that.

He was being played again, he could sense a con, he’d used enough people himself to know the signs, it had just taken a while to see them,

as engrossed in his grief over Joseph’s death as he’d allowed himself to become all over again.

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