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A fan work by m_a_c posted on commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


“I check.”

Their weekly poker game had been going on for a couple hours.

It usually consisted of various New York’s top echelon – Judges, District Attorneys, occasionally a Congressman or a Senator, sometimes the Mayor.

Even Thomas’ father, the city’s Police Commissioner, would stop by. Yet, Thomas Reagan was the only non-elected, general population lawyer invited. Probably because he’s the best and they were

his clients.

Now the game was down to two – Thomas and Manhattan Circuit Judge Henry Corbett.

“Raise, five thousand.” Judge Corbett pushed a substantial amount of chips past his glass of bourbon and into the pot at the center of the table. He sat back smugly in his seat.

“I’m all in,” was all it took for Judge Corbett to sit up straight again; his smugness replaced with a steely poker face.

Taking a moment to assess Thomas, Judge Corbett threw down his cards – two queens. Thomas’ phone rings twice indicating a text message as he laying down his cards – two aces.

He checks it as she casually sips his bourbon. Around him, his poker mates are grumbling and sighing and chuckling. Judge Corbett tossed his hands in the air, shaking his head.

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