Let’s Go, I’ll Drive
Let’s Go, I’ll Drive fast & furious 6 (2013) stories

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Let’s Go, I’ll Drive

The first time they kiss is the night before the heist. They’re joyful from the announcement of a new addition to the family and a little buzzed on the alcohol.

She likes the puzzle he presents, but decides that this loose-tongued version of him is just as interesting.

His whispered breaths as he tells her of his plans for driving the autobahn, and of Tokyo, sends chills down her spine as he leans in closer with every word.

She rears her head closer to whisper in his ear, “I’m going to get some air,” eyes lingering on his as she walks pass him.

He follows her outside with the stars above as their only audience, the voices of their friends inside, muted.

Once he’s outside, she gently grabs his hand to lead them further from the building. They stop near a tree, and then he drums his fingers slowly along her exposed forearm.

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