Let’s Blame it on Pahrump
Let’s Blame it on Pahrump jordan mcdeere stories

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A fanfic by bushlaboo adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Let’s Blame it on Pahrump

Jordan had felt something spark with Danny the first time she met him. The circumstances of that encounter weren’t the best.

Even though it had been in a fancy hotel room she’d still gone there to basically blackmail him and Matt back to Studio 60.

Though she managed to add a dollop of class to her offer it didn’t make the move any less sleazy. Jordan hated that feeling.

After spending months married to a man that inspired that feeling on a daily basis,

she had promised herself that she’d do her best never to be put into a situation that made her feel that way again.

It hadn’t mattered that it was the best thing for the show and for NBS; she had still felt nauseous under her cool exterior.

She knew for a fact that neither Danny nor Shelly had noticed her self-recrimination. They were both too busy contemplating the effects of her offer.

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