Let the Games Begin
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Let the Games Begin

A day's hike into ninja territory wasn't somewhere Captain Doumeki Shizuka liked to be without at least a few of his crew,

or any idea of where he was going; but he had his crossbow and bolts to spare,

and the one traveling companion he did have could (so Doumeki had heard) blast an ambush to smithereens by raising his hand.

When the Pirate King had dropped onto his boat (literally -- Fai'd done some spinning vault from the

's main mast top to the

's fo'c'sle), his bargain had been that Doumeki would guard Lord Shirou Kamui on a mission to go someplace and get something ("Kamui will take care of all the details when he gets there,

don't worry!" "Take care of what details?! You haven't told me anything either, you bastard! Why the fuck do you keep doing this to me?

You'd better not be sneaking off to have sex with Kurogane again, I swear on all that's-- hey! Where are you going?

!") in exchange for a complete repair and refit for his ship on the Pirate King's dime. It was a good deal, even if Death Shirou didn't need a bodyguard.

Doumeki was pretty damn sure the only reason he was here was so his fleet admiral had someone to talk to.

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